UC is committed to providing a tobacco-free environment. To support the Smoke and Tobacco-Free Policy and help those who want to quit smoking, the university offers a number of resources for faculty and staff.

All UC-sponsored medical plans provide the following:

  • Prescription nicotine replacement therapies, such as nicotine inhalers, sprays and medications, at no additional cost when prescribed by a physician.
  • Over-the-counter nicotine replacement products are available, at no cost when prescribed by a physician.
  • You can participate in behavioral modification programs to help you quit smoking, but it is not required to receive these benefits.

In addition, some medical plans offer additional resources as shown below. Co-pays and program fees may apply. Please consult your medical plan’s booklet or website for more information:

Blue Shield Health Savings Plan, Core, UC Care

Quit for Life program will help you create a customized quitting plan and provide telephone and online coaching. Eight weeks of nicotine gum or patches at no additional cost.

Health Net Blue and Gold HMO

Health Net online resources

Kaiser Permanente

Telephone-based coaching

  • Northern California: 866.251.4514
  • Southern California: 866.862.4295

Kaiser online resources

For on-site counseling, contact your local Kaiser medical center for availability.

Western Health Advantage

Tobacco cessation programs are available to WHA members through their medical groups.

Your campus may also offer local tobacco cessation programs

Check your location's tobacco free page for available resources:

Programs available to the general public