Class Specification - H.80 Special Duty Physical Therapist - 9464

March, 1973

Class Concepr

Under supervision Special Duty Physical Therapists administer physical therapy procedures in the treatment of patients and perform other related duties as required. Duties performed are similar to those performed by a Physical Therapist, but positions are temporary in nature.

Incumbents administer massage, heat, light, electricity, hydrotherapy and/or therapeutic exercise treatments; perform manual and electrical testing procedures; give corrective exercises and muscle training; teach activities of da~ly living, provide initial treatment to bed p~tients and take preventive actions towards muscle contractures; and keep clinical charts and records of patient treatment.

Incumbents may supervise Hospital Assistants in their assistance with patient treatment; and may give treatment instructions for home use to patients and their families.

Minimum Qualifications

Possession of a degree or certificate in physical therapy from a school approved by the American Medical Association, and eligibility for registration as a Physical Therapist in the State of California.