UC and the United Auto Workers, which represents certain academic student employees, have reached tentative agreement on several key issues in contract negotiations including lactation support for nursing ASEs and access to gender-neutral bathrooms.

During the April 15-16, 2014 bargaining session, UC and the UAW reached tentative agreement on the following:

•    Gender-neutral bathrooms: The ASE or the union will immediately notify UC upon receiving an appointment letter if an employee needs special access. UC will then take steps to provide access through a number of methods, such as by assigning a teaching assistant to a classroom/office with this access or other viable means that provide access at minimal costs. In addition, a new joint committee will meet twice a year to discuss gender-neutral restrooms and related issues. UC will work with the UAW and in collaboration with the UC Task Force on LGBT Climate and Inclusion, which is developing strategies to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students, faculty and staff.

•    Lactation support: Academic student employees can use the same lactation rooms that faculty and staff use. If a room does not exist near the ASE’s work location, the union will notify UC and UC will take steps to provide lactation support.

•    The two sides also agreed on appointment notification, appointment security and the full non-discrimination in employment articles.

Throughout these negotiations, UC has proposed fair contract terms and has been willing to discuss concerns raised about non-mandatory subjects of bargaining, such as the union’s request for payment of fellowships to undocumented students, as long as those discussions do not hold up resolution of outstanding issues.

The university is committed to working with the union to resolve differences, and looks forward to making progress at the bargaining table. UC hopes the UAW will work collaboratively and offer reasonable proposals that bring both sides closer to agreement.

Next bargaining session: April 28, 2014