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Social Work Assistant

Class Specifications – H.65
Social Work Assistant II – 9364
Social Work Assistant I – 9365

April, 1973

Series Concept

Social Work Assistants provide social work services to patients and their families; and perfo~ other related duttes as required. Incumbents assist patients and their families to attain tangible community or social services; arrange temporary housing, file for benefits and/or health and welfare assistance, arrange for medical appliances from outside vendors, and assist in pediatric group activities; provide a supportive relationship to patients; assist them to understand health care instructions, schedule personal activities to conform with medical problems and prescribed care, and encourage continuation of treatment or follow-up; perform direct intake interviews; and participate as the social worker representative at interdisciplinary rounds or in selected clinic units.

Class Concepts

Social Work Assistant II

Under general supervision, incumbents provide total services for patients who require an understanding of medical diagnoses and treatment problems to anticipate medical-social needs; perform direct intake interviews, requiring independent determination of the patient’s social service needs without the guidance and pre-screening of a Clinical Social Worker; determine need for and arrange for other professional assistance; act as a social service representative on interdisciplinary rounds or information about health and welfare resopatient referrals. Work is reviewed in to identify specific problems. in a urces general selected and the by a C clinical approprilinical unit, ateness Social giving of Worker

Social Work Assistant I

Under supervision, incumbents provide tangible services for patients who have been pre-screened or who are being seen concurrently by a Clinical Social Worker. This class differs from Social Work Assistant II in that only standard services are provided and the work is performed under the supervision of a clinical social worker or physician.

Minimum Qualifications

Social Work Assistant II

Graduation from college and one year of related experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Social Work Assistant I

Graduation from college; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.