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Class Specifications – H.50
Chief, Pharmaceutical Services – 0781
Associate Chief, Pharmaceutical Services – 0782
Assistant Chief, Pharmaceutical Services – 0783
Pharmacist Specialist – 0784
Senior Pharmacist – 9246
Staff Pharmacist II – 9247
Staff Pharmacist I – 9248

June 1, 1996

Pharmacists provide the full range of distributive, clinical, consultative, research, and/or administrative pharmaceutical services in a University/Medical Center setting.

Incumbents typically select, compound, purchase, dispense, and/or preserve drugs, medicines, and other therapeutic agents; serve as members and consultants on treatments or diagnostic teams; disseminate drug information to staff members and interested community groups, as appropriate; participate in educational programs; may participate in hospital research projects or perform pharmaceutical research; and may supervise or administer pharmacy activities.

A&PS Benchmark Level

The A&PS benchmark level is Staff Pharmacist II. Incumbents primarily perform the full range of operational drug distribution involved in compounding and dispensing drugs in a centralized or satellite inpatient area or an outpatient (retail) pharmacy. Incumbents evaluate the appropriateness of medication orders and prescriptions based on known patient and drug variables. Incumbents may compound and dispense all drug dosage forms of medication and parenteral nutrition, and maintain all aspects of a controlled drug system. Incumbents direct the work of pharmacy technicians and review work products. To a lesser degree, incumbents may be assigned to patient care areas where they transmit medication orders to the pharmacy distribution center, monitor patients’ drug therapy, disseminate drug information, precept professional students and/or residents, and educate patients about their medications to improve compliance and therapeutic success.

Journey or Fully Operational Level in Series

The fully operational level is Staff Pharmacist II.

Certification or Licensure Requirements

State Licensure.