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Volunteer Fire Fighter

lass Specifications – J.10
Volunteer Fire Fighter – 5221
Volunteer Fire Fighter Trainee – 5222

May, 1973

Series Concept

Volunteer Fire Fighters perform fire suppression duties on a university campus; and perform other related duties as required.

Incumbents are usually full-time university employees with primary assignments in departments other than a campus fire department. Volunteer Fire Fighters typically perform limited operational and/or sub-operational level fire suppression duties as required during working and non-working hours; participate in fire drills and attend classroom instruction as required; and may perform the duties of higher-classified positions (e.g. Fire Fighter) during emergencies and/or as part of staff training and development programs.
The series consists of two levels. Volunteer Fire Fighter Trainee is the trainee entry level; and Volunteer Fire Fighter is the limited operational level.

Class Concepts

Volunteer Fire Fighter

Under general supervision, incumbents perform limited operational and/or sub- operational level fire suppression duties as required in emergency situations and perform other duties as outlined in the Series Concept. The Volunteer Fire Fighter class is distinguished from the Volunteer Fire Fighter Trainee class in that incumbents perform limited fire suppression duties at the operational level of difficulty.

Volunteer Fire Fighter Trainee

Under supervision, incumbents perform sub-operational level suppression duties as required. Incumbents typically assist Fire Fighters, Student Fire Fighters and/or Volunteer Fire Fighters in fire suppression duties during emergency or non-emergency situations as required; and participate in fire drills and attend classroom instruction.

Minimum Qualifications

Volunteer Fire Fighter

Graduation from high school and one year of part-time fire suppression and prevention experience and training, preferably as a Volunteer Fire Fighter Trainee; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Volunteer Fire Fighter Trainee

Graduation from high school and ability to perform fire suppression and prevention duties.