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Student Resident Fire Fighter

Class Specifications – J.10
Senior Student Resident Fire Fighter – 5211
Student Resident Fire Fighter – 5212

September 1994

Series Concept

Student Resident Fire Fighters assist in fire suppression, rescue, emergency medical service, hazardous material response and to a lesser extent, fire prevention on a university campus. Incumbents utilize and maintain equipment, apparatus and the fire station. They participate in training sessions, perform related duties as assigned and may complete special projects related to the Fire Department mission. Incumbents are assigned to a platoon and respond to emergencies on an on-call basis. During large scale emergencies, incumbents primarily perform a II second responder role. The Student Resident Fire Fighter series consists of two levels: the journey level Student Resident Fire Fighter and the Senior Student Resident Fire Fighter.

Class Concept

Senior Student Resident Fire Fighter

Incumbents work under direct supervision. In addition to the tasks outlined in the Series Concept, the Senior Student Resident Fire Fighter is assigned lead responsibility for Student Resident Fire Fighters in non-emergency situations. Lead duties may include discharge of work assignments, ensuring subordinate’s compliance with Fire Department policies and procedures and assisting in the presentation of training sessions.

Student Resident Fire Fighter

his is the journey level of the series. Incumbents perform the duties outlined in the Series Concept under direct supervision.

Minimium Qualifications

Incumbents allocated to this series must be full-time University of California students and possess a valid California Class C Driver’s License. Incumbents are expected to possess the skills, knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.

Note: Specific qualification requirements 3:te approved for positions by the Human Resource Director in accordance with the provisions of Staff Personnel Policies 210. and 210.9.