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Class Specifications – J.15
Senior Proctor – 5329
Proctor – 5328

December, 1990

Series Concept

Proctors serve as a resource and referral agent for students and residential staff during the evening hours; respond to and coordinate emergency situations, contacting police, fire or health center personnel as appropriate; maintain crowd control at events, assist police officers in emergency situations as appropriate; consult with administrators to discuss and/or report special student problems and concerns; maintain a formal record of nightly irregularities and bring them to the attention of an administrative officer and/or appropriate residential staff; and represent the administration and ensure compliance with University rules, regulations and policies during the evening hours. Incumbents should be aware of the activities calendar and conversant with special requests by administrative -personnel to the students.

Proctors maintain security surveillance of all buildings in the assigned area including housing, administration, faculty offices, lounges, dining areas and instructional areas; make periodic inspections of assigned grounds and facilities to guard against security and rule infractions and other irregularities; during evening hours check doors, windows and locks of secured areas; check for breakage, vandalism and irregularities in the physical plant system; after normal hours, intercept apparently unauthorized persons in assigned areas, determine the reason for their presence, and advise departure or offer aid.

The Proctor series consists of two levels with the distinction between levels based on the scope and complexity of the student contact and coordination of emergency situations, the degree of involvement in administration, and the degree of supervision received.

The Proctor series is distinguished from the Security Guard series in that Proctors have greater public contact and responsibility for informing students of University rules, noting student misconduct and advising against or reporting such infractions.

Senior Proctor

Under general supervision incumbents serve as the primary representatives for administration during the evening hours on a continuing basis. In addition to performing the range of duties outlined in the Series Concept, incumbents serve as 11first-line” advisors to students. Incumbents utilize independent judgement regarding appropriate actions to be taken in emergency situations; identify students who may be experiencing problems and alert appropriate administrators.

At this level, incumbents may participate in orientation programs by making presentations to new students regarding the rules and regulations associated with dorm living; may provide conflict resolution on an informal basis while formal conflict resolution is deferred to the appropriate administrator; may participate in the hiring of residential staff (i.e., Resident Assistants) and, may train and provide leadership to Proctors.


Under supervision, incumbents perform the majority of duties described in the Series Concept working within established policy and procedural guidelines. In addition, incumbents may also perform light custodial duties such as returning lounges to good order; determine that other public areas are properly maintained; and make other minor maintenance adjustments such as replacing light bulbs.

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants for positions in the Proctor series are expected to possess the skills, knowledge, and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the positions.

Note: Specific qualification requirements are approved for positions by the Personnel Manager in accordance with the provisions of Staff Personnel Policies 210.8 and 210.9.