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Vocational Nurse

Class Specifications – H.35
Senior Vocational Nurse – 8916
Vocational Nurse – 8917
Per Diem Vocational Nurse – 8918

November, 1980

Series Concept

Vocational Nurses perform a wide variety of patient care activities under the direction of appropriate registered nursing personnel. They perform assigned nursing procedures for the safety, comfort and well-being of patients such as observing, recording and reporting to the appropriate Registered Nurse the physical and mental condition of the patients and changes in condition, e.g., cyanosis and state of consciousness. Nursing procedures include administering drugs, observing and recording reactions; performing prescribed procedures such as enemas, douches, irrigations, hot and cold applications and changing dressings; assisting physicians with examinations and treatments, participating in team conferences, bathing and feeding patients, making beds, helping patients into and out of bed and assisting them in ambulatory activities; and taking of patients’ temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration, and recording results on patients’ charts. Incumbents collect specimens such as sputum and urine in containers, label, and send them to the laboratory for analysis; carry out aseptic techniques; care for prostheses and/or self-help devices; perform tracheostomy and ostomy care; administer oxygen and initiate resuscitative measures; and perform suctioning and gastric feeding procedures.

Incumbents may administer intermuscular or oral medications only on written orders; may hang and monitor I.V.’s according to policy; may maintain accurate and complete records of nursing care; and perform other related duties as required.

Class Concepts

Senior Vocational Nurse

Under general supervision, incumbents perform on a regular basis the full range of duties outlined in the series concept, working cooperatively with all members of the nursing team. The incumbents may in addition be assigned to special units such as ICU’S, outpatient clinics, or operating rooms, or may be assigned to difficult cases requiring a thorough background of experience and education and exercising of some independent judgment.

Vocational Nurse

Under supervision, incumbents perform the majority of duties as outlined in the series concept.

Per Diem Vocational Nurse

Incumbents are employed for a temporary period of time to provide private care for an individual patient or to supplement the regular vocational nursing staff in emergency situations. When so employed, incumbents perform the majority of duties as outlined in the series concept.

Minimum Qualifications

Incumbents for positions included in the Vocational Nurse series are expected to have a license issued by the State of California Board of Vocational Nurse Examiners; and possess the skills, knowledges, and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.

Note: Specific qualification requirements are defined for positions by the appropriate user departments.