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Senior Electrocardiographic

Class Specifications – H.30
Principal Electrocardiographic Technician – 8961
Senior Electrocardiographic – 8962
Electrocardiographic Technician – 8963

May, 1976

Series Concept

Electrocardiographic Technicians take and process electrocardiograms and/or vectorcardiograms, and perform other related duties as required.

Incumbents typically work Within guidelines established by a staff physician but are required to have sufficient knowledge of electrocardiography to recognize normal and abnormal patterns, and to distinguish extra systoles and premature beats from artifacts; prepare patients by attaching electrode or microphones to chest and limbs, using electocardiograph jelly; position and instruct patients in order to obtain the best results; operate equipment used to record various cardiographic electrical impulses; register procedures in daily log; perform various paperwork tasks required for processing of tracings; cut tracings to standard size; and mount tracings for reading and interpretation by physician.

The Electrocardiographic Technician series consists of three levels with the distinction between levels based on the scope and/or complexity of electrocardiographic functions, and the degree of supervision exercised.

Class Concepts

Principal Electrocardiographic Technician

Under direction, incumbents supervise lower level Electrocardiographic Technicians and coordinate all technical and clerical work related to the performance of electrocardiography procedures at a campus medical center. Incumbents make assignments and review the work of lower level Electrocardiographic Technicians; train and/or direct technicians in the performance of difficult and unusual electrocardiographic tests; develop and initiate new procedures under the direction of a staff physician; and consult with the physician regarding the interpretation of complex and unusual electrocardiograms. Incumbents organize training programs; prepare budget estimates; and are assigned responsibility for the maintenance and operation of equipment including responsibility for making minor repairs.

Senior Electrocardiographic Technician

Under general supervision, incumbents independently perform complex electrocardiographic procedures and in addition may act as lead technicians for a group of Electrocardiographic Technicians. Incumbents usually work in such areas as stress electrocardiography and/or pacemaker delay evaluation, usually under the direction of a higher level technician or staff physician, and in addition may perform the range of duties outlined in the Series Concept. Incumbents may also be assigned responsibility for training Electrocardiographic Technicians and may demonstrate electrocardiographic procedures and equipment to other medical staff members.

Electrocardiographic Technician

Under supervision incumbents perform the range of duties outlined in the Series Concept.