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Recreation Therapist

Class Specifications – H.80
Recreation Therapist II – 9465
Recreation Therapist I – 9466

January, 1986

Series Concept

Under general supervision, Recreation Therapists plan and conduct recreation therapy programs for patients in a University medical facility; and perform other related duties as assigned.

Incumbents plan, organize, and conduct a wide range of individual and group activities of a physical, social, or cultural nature such as indoor and outdoor games and sports, dances, parties, dramatics, picnics, and special interest clubs; screen, evaluate, plan and implement treatment; evaluate client progress; participate in multidisciplinary treatment planning meetings to report patient progress and to coordinate recreation therapy goals and objectives for individual patients with that of the total treatment plan; way provide individual counseling to assist patients in planning for use of leisure time in the community; provide resources and consultation to ward staff; order and maintain supplies and equipment within an allotted budget; may train and supervise students and volunteers; and may participate in the planning and implementation of research studies.

This class is distinguished from other Therapist classes by the application of specialized concepts, principles and practices of therapy through recreation to promote the rehabilitation of persons with emotional, physical, and/or developmental disabilities.

Class Concepts

Recreation Therapist II

Under general supervision incumbents are assigned advanced operational duties as clinical specialists and typically consult with other Recreation Therapists on difficult or specialized cases; plan and develop training programs for recreation therapy students; plan and conduct in-service training for staff; and develop unit protocols. Incumbents may in addition perform the full range of duties outlined in the Series Concept.

Recreation Therapist I

Under supervision, incumbents perform the full range of duties as outlined in the Series Concept. Recreation Therapists plan, reorganize, and conduct individual and group programs.

Minimum Qualifications

Eligibility for registration by the California Board of Parks and Recreation Personnel or the National Therapeutic Recreation Society (Therapeutic Recreation Leader); or an equivalent combination of education and experience; and knowledges and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.