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Reading Therapist

Class Specification – H.80
Reading Therapist – 9477

November, 1977

Class Concept

Under direction, Reading Therapists test and administer remedial reading training to patients with visual, emotional, and educational disabilities; and perform other duties as required.

Incumbents typically administer and evaluate psychoeducational, psychometric, and diagnostic reading tests; use equipment such as the reading accelerator, controlled reading film series, and the tachistoscope; select reading assignments on the basis of therapeutic value for individuals and groups; confer with parents/ guardians regarding progress of treatment and instruction on home therapeutic procedures; confer with schools and teachers regarding diagpostic findings and classroom application;and write reports on diagnosis, prognosis, progress and reconnnendations for assigned cases.

Minimum Qualifications

A Master’s degree in Education or Psychology with courses in remedial reading or special education;or an equivalent combination of education and experience; and knowledges and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.