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Physician Assistant

Class Specifications – H.40
Senior Physician Assistant – 9202
Physician Assistant – 9203

July, 1995

Series Concept

Physician Assistants in accordance with standardized procedures perform certain clinical duties customarily carried out by physicians, and perform other related duties as assigned.

Incumbents perform clinical assessments and care management services which include construction and interpretation of histories and physical exams; perform initial and periodic physical examinations, mental status examinations, and medical history on both in-patients and out-patients; order appropriate laboratory tests, x-rays, EKG, and comparable procedures, according to criteria previously established by the responsible physician(s); draw blood specimens for testing and perform other comparable procedures as directed by the supervising physician when personnel who customarily perform such procedures are not available; write orders to increase, decrease or change medication (subject to checking and counter-signing by physician); initiate consultations and monitor scheduling of patients for special tests; identify problems and develop and implement treatment plans; make daily rounds to observe and record pertinent progress of patients, updating and summarizing charts, changing orders when appropriate, and notifying the responsible physician(s) of changes in the patient’s condition; counsel patients and families as to preventive care, medical problems, psychological problems and use of prescribed treatment and drugs; assist in operative and other procedures; and participate in clinical investigations.

The series consists of two levels. The Senior Physician Assistant is the lead/advanced operation level. The Physician Assistant class is the operational level where the majority of positions are allocated.

Class Concepts

Senior Physician Assistant

Under direction and in addition to performing operational-level assignments, incumbents are consistently assigned the more complex cases which require the use of advanced operational skills or are assigned continuing responsibility for a group of Physician Assistants. This class is distinguished from the Physician Assistant class by the greater degree of independence exercised in the performance of primary care and chronic ambulatory medical care services. Workleader duties typically include the direction and training of Physician Assistants, nursing and paramedical personnel; the assignment of duties to a small group of Physician Assistants; and the arrangement of work schedules.

Physician Assistant

Under general supervision incumbents perform operational level duties as listed in the Series Concept.

Minimum Qualifications

Incumbents for positions included in the Physician Assistant series are expected to meet the legal requirements to practice as a Physician Assistant as determined by graduation from a training program approved by the Board of Medical Examiners of the State of California; to be certified by the State Board of Medical Examiners or the National Board of Medical Examiners; and possess the skills, knowledges, and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.

Note: Specific qualification requirement are defined for positions by the appropriate user departments.