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Per Diem Hospital Assistant

Class Specifications – H.10
Per Diem Hospital Assistant – 8906

November, 1980

Class Concept

Per Diem Hospital Assistants assist professional nursing and technical personnel in the care and treatment of patients in a hospital and/or clinic setting, operate and maintain special equipment and devices, and perform other related duties as required.

Incumbents working under the supervision of professional nursing and technical personnel feed and bathe patients, monitor vital signs, report and record patients’ intake and output, position and ambulate patients, and note patients’ response to care; make simple dressing changes; and observe and manage catheters, drainage equipment and suction devices. Incumbents also implement the more routine functions which are prescribed in the medical and nursing care plans for which licensure is not required.

The Per Diem Hospital Assistant class is used for positions needed on a temporary basis only. The major emphasis of positions assigned to the class focuses on daily care activities which contribute to the comfort and well-being of patients. Incumbents may be transferred from unit to unit on an as needed basis. Assignments to a particular unit are usually given with relatively short notice when staffing levels and/or patients census fluctuates drastically.

Minimum Qualifications

Incumbents for positions included in the Per Diem Hospital Assistant class are expected to meet the requirements for completion of a formal nursing assistant training program; and possess the skills, knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.