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Medical Records Assistant

Class Specifications – H.45
Medical Records Supervisor – 9292
Senior Medical Records Assistant – 9290
Medical Records Assistant – 9291

May, 1997

Series Concept

Medical Records Assistants perform maintanance and distribution of medical records. Under supervisor, the incumbent files medical records; locates and retrieves medical records; collecs and returns to file medical records according to established filing system and places medical record documents into folder according to established system guidelines. As requested, the incumbent delivers and picks up medical records to and from departments; maintains system to track location of medical records; receives documents coming into department, sorts and organizes documents for filing. The incumbent performs other duties of a clerical nature relating to the operation of the medical records department.

Class Concepts

Medical Records Supervisor

Under general supervision incumbents have overall responsibility for the operations of the medical records area. Incumbents supervise at least five employees. Incumbents establish work assignments, evaluate the performance of assigned employees, and perform disciplinary action, as needed. Incumbents participate in the hiring process.

Senior Medical records Assistant

Under supervision, and in addition to performing the duties of the Medical Records Assistant, incumbents function as the lead to assigned employees. Incumbents train other employees and assists in resolving unusual problems. Incumbents may assign tasks to and review quality of work performed by Medical Records Assistant. Incumbents may be assigned projects of a more complex nature.

Medical Records Assistant

Under close supervision, incumbems perform duties at the operational level in the medica1 records department.

Minimum Qualifications

Appllcants and incumbents are expected. to possess the skills, knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance of duties assigned to the position.

Note: Specific qualification requirements are approved by the Human Resources Manager in accordance with the provision of the Staff Personnel Policies 210.8 and 210.9.