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Hospital Assistant

Class Specifications – H.10
Hospital Assistant II – 8904
Hospital Assistant I – 8905

August, 1978

Series Concept

Hospital Assistants aid orofessional nursing and technical personnel in a hospital and/or clinic facility by accomplishing a variety of personal care and nursing procedures that do not require licensure; and perform other related duties as required.

Incumbents perform duties which are directly related to the physical care of patients in an in-patient or out-patient facility. They administer procedures and treatments as instructed; operate and maintain special equipment and medical devices; provide personal services (bathing and other hygienic care) to patients; aid Clinical Nurses in the care of patients; assist with the ordering, care, and conservation of hospital equipment and supplies; and may run errands and perform routine clerical duties.

This series is distinguished from the Vocational Nurse series in that the assigned duties do not require licensure and they are more routine in nature, or they are performed under the supervision of licensed personnel such as a Clinical Nurse or a physician.

Class Concepts

Senior Hospital Assistant

Under supervision, incumbents perform the duties of a .Hospital Assistant and, in addition, they are assigned the more difficult and complex tasks, requiring special skills and training which are normally acquired through formal and/or on-the-job training.

Typically at this level, incumbents operate specialized equipment such as a hydraulic hoist or a circolectric bed; set up specialized equipment such as traction and weights; obtain and collect specimens; aid in cystoscopic procedure s ; monitor vital signs (TPR); assist in the operating room by setting up and positioning special equipment and tables for specific surgical ?rocedures; assist with sterile techniques such as operating an autoclave; assist with the care of patients in isolation; measure gastric suction; prepare and start formula feeding on alert patients via naso-gastric tubes; assist in physical therapy by preparing lamps, short wave machines, Hubbard tanks, whirlpools, packs, baths, and other apparatus and equipment for individual treatment; and under the supervision of a therapist, ambulate and exer cise patients.

In a Student Health Service out-patient facility, incumbents may provide direct patient care as ordered, by the physician including taking vital signs and notating patient charts; sterilize suoplies and equipment; maintain the central supply unit and stock in treatment rooms; and assist with specialty clinics such as orthopedic or family planning by preparing patients for examination and providing required equipment and supplies.

Hospital Assistant

Incumbents perform routine duties of a limited variety which normally do not require special skills or training, Work is perforrned under the close supervision of higher hospital personnel.

Typically at this level, incumbents weigh and measure patients; deliver specimens; transport, feed and dress patients; order routine unit supplies; assist in keeping patients and their beds, clothing, equipment, and quarters clean and orderly; aid in postmortem care; may assist in the care and maintenance of equipment and supplies; may clean operating areas and examination rooms; and may set up unspecialized equipment for surgical procedures.

Minimum Qualifications

Senior Hospital Assistant

One year of experience as a Hospital Assistant or successful completion of a formal nursing aid training program; or an equivalent combination of training and experience; and knowled~es and abilities essential to the successful oerformance of the dut ies assigned to the position.

Hospital Assistant

Ability to read, write, and follow oral and written instructions; and knowledges and abilities essential to the successful perfomance of the duties assigned to the position.