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Emergency Medical Technician

Class Specifications – H.15
Emergency Medical Technician – 9438

July 2022

Series Concept

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) provide emergency medical assistance to patients, safe referral, or transport to appropriate care facility. Incumbents assist licensed healthcare providers in assessing the condition of patients/clients who have experienced body injury or are mentally distraught.

EMTs may be assigned to a mobile unit providing outreach to patients/clients in the area assigned by UC. EMTs obtain vital signs, evaluate the patient, by checking the adequacy of airway, the presence of shock, the level of consciousness, and the presence of associated injuries. Offer CPR and first aid to patients. Obtain patients’ history from patient or credible witnesses. EMTs make decisions for patients related to non-emergency medical transportation. Relay medical information about patients to medical staff or advanced medical level transport, and establish treatment priority in accordance with urgency of patients’ condition

Incumbents operate a vehicle to reach or transport patients. Stocks and maintains medical supplies and equipment in the vehicle.

Incumbents may provide medical care within the scope of practice in accordance with university protocols and standard orders.

Class Concepts

Emergency Medical Technician

Under supervision, incumbents assist with basic emergency care. They obtain vital signs, provide transport and handle patients.

Minimum Qualifications

Current Emergency Medical Technician certification in the state of California; and knowledges and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position. Must have a valid California Department of Motor Vehicles Driver’s License for the class of vehicle to be operated. Must have no license restrictions other than for corrective lenses.