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Cytogenetic Technologist

Classification Specifications – H.20
Supervising Cytogenetic Technologist – 8986
Cytogenetic Technologist II – 8987
Cytogenetic Technologist I – 8988
Cytogenetic Technologist Trainee – 8989

March, 1994

Series Concept

Cytogenetic Technologists perform laboratory work in a cytogenetic laboratory and prepare specimens for diagnosis ( e.g., lymphocyte, solid tumor, bone marrow and amniotic fluid samples). Incumbents set up tissue cultures using sterile techniques; use aseptic techniques to transfer samples to flask; harvest cells and make slides; identify and analyze chromosomes under a microscope and search for abnormalities; photograph best quality cells for chromosome karyotyping.

Class Concepts

Supervising Cytogenetic Technologist

Incumbents direct, supervise and coordinate the preparing and analyzing of cytogenetic specimens for diagnosis.

Cytogenetic Technologist II

Under general supervision, incumbents perform advanced operational duties. Typically incumbents serve as lead technologists performing the most difficult chromosome analysis; set up cultures using different methods; assign work to other technologists; check reports and order supplies. May teach trainees and fellows.

Cytogenetic Technologist I

Under supervision, incumbents perform the full range of duties outlined in the series concept.

Cytogenetic Technologist Trainee

Under close supervision and in a training capacity, incumbents perform entry level duties in a cytogenetic laboratory. Incumbents prepare specimens for diagnosis; set up tissue cultures using sterile techniques; harvest cells and make slides; perform routine chromosome analysis; and analyze routine samples.

Minimum Qualifications

With the exception of the trainee level, incumbents must posses a certificate issued by the National Certification Agency for Medical Laboratory Personnel in Cytogenetics Subspecialty [CLSp (CG].

Specific qualification requirements are approved for positions by the Human Resources Director in accordance with the provisions of Personnel Policies for Staff Members.

Positions allocated to the supervisory titles must meet the criteria for supervision as defined in the Supplemental Guidelines for Supervisory Classes (SAM 12).