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Consuling Toxicologist

Class Specification – H.20
Consuling Toxicologist – 8950

April, 1973

Class Concept

Under the direction of the Medical .Director of Laboratories.Consulting Toxicologists serve as consultants in toxicology; develop and implement new clinical toxicologic procedures and tests; modify standard postmortem proce­ dures; instruct Clinical Laboratory Technologists in the use of new toxicologic procedures and tests; and perform other related duties as required.

Incumbents are typically appointed at less than 50% time to consult on highly specialized laboratory procedures employing biological and biochemical approaches for the immediate identification and/or quantification of toxic agents in humans, including tranquilizers, barbiturates, alcohols, heavy metals, narcotics, anesthesia gases, pesticides, and other toxic properties.

The class of Consulting Toxicologist is distinguished from the class of Clinical Laboratory Technologist in that Consulting Toxicologists develop and implement new clinical toxicologic procedures and tests rather than perform standard laboratory procedures.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from college and a major in chemistry, biochemistry.pharmacology, or a related scientific field, and three years of experience in forensic toxicology or a related field; or an equivalent combination of education and experience . Incumbents in this class must have a valid California Clinical Laboratory Technologist license.