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Access Representative

Classification Specifications – H.45
Per Diem Access Representative – 9094
Per Diem Senior Access Representative – 9095
Per Diem Principal Access Representative – 9096
Access Representative – 9097
Senior Access Representative – 9098
Principal Access Representative – 9099
Principal Access Representative – Supervisor – 9100
Access Supervisor – 9101

May, 2000

Series Concept

Access Representatives support healthcare delivery systems by facilitating patients’ entry into the system as well as their continued access to healthcare services. Access Representatives communicate with physicians, insurance companies, government payors, health system representatives, and patients, to verify eligibility and benefits; obtain authorizations; register patients; provide financial counseling; obtain sponsorships for unsecured accounts; provide liaison with referring physicians; assign beds; coordinate nursing resources; track patient property; and perform other similar functions within the hospital and clinics. Access Representatives support both inpatient and outpatient systems and are distinguished from Medical Officer Service Coordinators in that the latter are primarily based in, and perform a broad array of services for, outpatient clinics.

Class Concepts

Access Representative

Positions at this level generally perform routine, entry-level functions which help support patients’ initial and continued access to inpatient and outpatient healthcare delivery systems.

Senior Access Representative

This level is the fully operational, journey level. Positions at this level perform the full range of functions outlined above.

Principal Access Representative
Principal Access Representative – Supervisor

Positions at this level may perform functions at the advanced operational level, or they may have lead or supervisory responsibility for a small to mid-size group of Access Representatives and/or Senior Access Representatives.

Access Supervisor

Positions at this level supervise a mid-size to large group of Access Representatives, Senior Access Representatives, and/or Principal Access Representatives.

Minimum Qualifications

Specific qualification requirements are approved for positions by the Human Resources Director in accordance with the provisions of Personnel Policies for Staff Members.

Positions allocated to supervisory titles must meet the criteria for supervision as defined in the Supplemental Guidelines for Supervisory Classes (SAM 12).