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Systems Operator

Class Specifications – G.15
Systems Operator Supv. – 8228
Asst. Systems Operator Supv – 8229
Lead Systems Operator – 8230
Systems Operator – 8231

June 1992

Series Concept

Systems Operators operate, maintain, inspect and repair various building and utility systems including high pressure steam generation, heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment, refrigeration and freezer equipment, various types of constant temperature rooms, electronic, electrical and pneumatic control systems, pumps, and air handler equipment. Incumbents analyze system malfunctions through use of temperature, pressure and-flow indicators; perform regular preventive maintenance by checking performance of controls; indicators, valves, dampers, actuators, pressure regulators, piping, pumps, etc.; maintain insulation on various piping systems; design and fabricate thermal blankets for various valves, fittings, pumps, heat exchangers, and other mechanical equipment; stand watch; maintain proper pressures, temperatures, water levels and concentrates; test and treat boiler water; review log sheets anQ steam charts; maintain records of boiler bperation and other operating records; report breakdowns requiring outside repair and repair and calibrate pneumatic/electrical controls and indicators associated with these systems.

Class Concepts

Systems Operator Supervisor

Under direction, incumbents supervise and coordinate the work of lower level System Operators. Incumbents typically make hiring selections among job applicants, insure that new and existing staff receive proper training; make daily work schedules and assignments; review work performed at various stages and up.on completion; evaluate the performance of subordinate employees; recommend or initiate personnel actions such as promotions, transfers, and disciplinary measures; and maintain various work records including written and oral reports; prepare estimates of hours of labor, costs and materials required.

Assistant Systems Operator Supervisor

Under general supervision, incumbents serve as working supervisors for a specific work .crew of system operators which may be carrying out work assignments at a number of jobs. The assigned responsibility or the supervision of different work crews within the shop may change frequently depending upon changing work priorities. Incumbents also assist the Supervisor in establishing daily job schedules; insure that decisions made regarding these priorities are carried out; assist the Supervisor in evaluating job performance and may recommend disciplinary actions as necessary; may assist the Supervisor in job estimating. Incumbents act -for the Supervisor in. his/her absence .

Lead System Operator

Under supervision, incumbents serve as work leaders for one or two system Operators and helpers assigned to a specific job. Incumbents give instructions to carry out assigned-tasks; may make minor changes in material needs or modifications to assigned work uue to material delays or other problems; communicate work order revisions, material delays or other problems; communicate work order revisions, materlal delays or other problems to Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor and await further instruction; maintain time and material records and perform the full range of job duties as outlined in the series concept.

Systems Operator

Under supervision, incumbents perform the full range of duties as outlined in the series concept.

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants for positions in the System Operator series are expected to possess the skills, knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.

Positions allocated to the Supervisory titles must meet the criteria for supervision as defined in the Supplemental Guidelines for Supervisory classes (SAM12).

NOTE: Where applicable, specific qualification requirements are approved by the Personnel Manager in accordance with the provisions of staff Personnel Policies 210.8 and 210.9.