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Stationary Engineer

Class Specifications – G.15
Chief Stationary Engineer – 8251
Assistant Chief Stationary Engineer – 8252
Stationary Engineer – 8253

January, 1984

Series Concept

Stationary Engineers operate, maintain and repair high pressure steam generating, heating,ventilating, and air conditioning equipment; and perform other related duties as required.

Class Concepts

Chief Stationary Engineer

Under direction, incumbents supervise the operation, maintenance and repair of a high pressure steam plant.

Incumbents typically assign Stationary Engineers to ·shifts; schedule and coordinate work; conduct general inspection of maintenance; supervise the starting, feeding and regulating of fires, operation and adjustment of forced draft equipment, and testing and treating of boiler water; supervise the operation and maintenance of associated equipment such as water stills, swimming pools, air conditioning and ventilating equipment; direct the servicing of boilers, water pumps, vacuum and oil pumps, valves and other equipment; order material, equipment and supplies for the plant; review log sheets and steam charts; maintain records of boiler operation and other operating records; and perform the duties of a Stationary Engineer as required. This class is distinguished from the Stationary Engineer in that incumbents plan,supervise and review the work in a steam plant.

Assistant Chief Stationary Engineer

Under general supervision, incumbents assist in the superv1s1on of the operation, maintenance and repair of a high pressure steam plant.

Incumbents supervise Stationary Engineers in the operation of boilers or hot water generators, the steam plant, and associated equipment on a shift or weekend schedules when the Chief Stationary Engineer is not on duty; conduct general inspection of maintenance; handle emergencies occurring during their work schedule; determine whether repairs should be made by the regular staff or by craft workers; supervise craft workers such as physical plant or maintenance craft workers in major repair and maintenance work such as the taking down of boilers; assist the Chief Stationary Engineer in ordering supplies, keeping records, and preparing reports such as records of steam and gas flow; and assist in the assignment of personnel to shifts. This class is distinguished from Stationary Engineer in that incumbents supervise Stationary Engineers and/or craft workers in the steam plant on alternate shifts and assume responsibility for the plant during the absence of the Chief Stationary Engineer.

Stationary Engineer

Under supervision, incumbents perform operational-level duties in the operation, maintenance and repair of gas and oil-fired high pressure boilers, compressor and auxiliary equipment used in the manufacture and distribution of steam.

Stationary Engineers stand boiler watch; feed and regulate fires; maintain proper pressures, temperatures, water levels and concentrates; inspect, adjust and make normal and emergency repairs to boilers, burners, piping and pumps; report breakdowns requiring outside repair; assist in making major repairs to steam lines; maintain and clean boilers regularly; clean fire tubes and flues by the use of blowers and rods; service compressors, vac~um pumps and other equipment by oiling parts and packing valves; make boiler water chemical tests and treat water as tests indicate; keep log of steam plant operations; may operate and/or maintain associated stationary equipment such as a water still, or air conditioning and ventilating equipment, and may perform the duties of a maintenance plumber or steamfitter.

Minimum Qualifications

Appliciants for positions in the Stationary Engineer series are expected to possess the skills, knowledge, and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assjgned to the position.

Note: Specific qualification requirements are approved for positions by the Personnel Manager in accordance with the provisions of Staff Personnel Policies 210.8 and 210.9.