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Service Engineer

Class Specifications – G.15
Service Engineer – 8238

July, 1986

Class Concept

Service Engineer

Under supervision, incumbents install, maintain and repair heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration, autoclave and pneumatic equipment.

Incumbents install, maintain and repair commercial and domestic refrigeration systems utilizing knowledge of refrigeration theory and computation of loads and capacities; install refrigerant piping involving hand soldering; work with sub-zero refrigeration involving two stage and cascade systems; maintain repair and overhaul air conditioning refrigeration systems of the reciprocating, centrifugal and absorption types, including electrical (open and hermetic) motors and steam turbines, and their respective controls and safety devices and related equipment such as pumps and cooling towers; operate, maintain and repair air moving, heating, cooling, humidification, distribution and filtering equipment and systems involving electronic and eumatic modulating thermostats, humidistats, ductstats and pressure and alume controls; and may also maintain and repair high and low pressure boilers and their combustion and control systems.

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants for positions in this series are expected to possess the skills, knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance of the dutie.~ assigned to the position.