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Press Operator

Staff Personnel Manual Class Specification – G.75
Press Operations and Production Supervisor – 8870
Principal Press Operator – 8871
Senior Press Operator (B) – 8872
Senior Press Operator (A) – 8873
Press Operator – 8874
Assistant Press Operator – 8875
Pressroom Helper – 8876

July, 1986

Series Concept

Press Operators reproduce quantities of graphic designs and typography by transferring printing ink on metal type, or litho plates which transfer images to paper or related material by means of cylinder letter presses, platenletter presses, or offset presses of various sizes.

Incumbents make ready, operate, inspect, adjust and maintain consistent printability, feed and maintain sheet-fed, single-or multi-color presses used in the printing of books, periodicals, magazines, diplomas, and other printed matter; prepare and mix ink; adjust offset powder dispenser; load paper; clean and replace ink distributing rollers; adjust feed guides, automatic feeders, press controls and inking fountains; install plates and blankets on press cylinders; lubricate and clean presses; keep time, production, and material usage reports; may operate perforating, cutting or scoring machines; and perform other related duties as required.

The Press Operator series specifically recognizes supervisory responsibility at one of its seven levels (Helper-Supervisor). Positions allocated to this supervisory title must meet the criteria for supervision as defined in the supplemental guidelines for supervisor classes (SAM 12).

Class Concepts

Press Operations and Production Supervisor

Under general direction of a plant manager; incumbents plan, organize, direct and control all operations and provide supervision and overall productioncontrol for the press operations and related units.

Incumbents at this level initiate and control overall production and work schedules, establish priorities based upon delivery requirements, and plan and direct the flow of work through assigned plant operations covering all shifts.

Incumbents serve as the operational supervisors for an assigned area of responsibility; plan for and determine work schedule and personnel requirements; determine the training needed to maximize employee productivity and ensure adequate training of personnel; evaluate the performance of employees, in part based on the input of the working leaders; authorize the hiring, promoting, demoting, disciplining or discharging of employees; and serve as the first line administrative supervisor in the hearing and resolution of employee grievances.

Incumbents serves as liaison with outside vendors or department service representatives concerning production requirements for specific jobs; make scheduling commitments for the department; review job planning, galley proofs, blueline proofs, and quality of product at any stage of manufacture to insure accuracy and customer satisfaction; research and recommend equipment or materials for acquisition; and direct the installation and implementation of new equipment and/or procedures.

Principal Press Operator

Under direction of an operations and production supervisor, incumbents serve as working leaders in designated press operations during a shift, and oversee, coordinate, schedule, and monitor the workflow and production of press operator crews on all shifts.

Incumbents at this level typically provide technical supervision of crews of press operators; interpret job specifications; approve final press sheets; maintain standards of register and print quality; maintain production efficiency standards; mix special-color inks; assure adequate press-ready supplies of paper stock, ink and plates; maintain the press ready log; may operate presses; and plan and implement on-the-job training for new employees and current employees in the operation of new material, methods and equipment.

Senior Press Operator (B)

Under general supervision, incumbents make ready and operate a large 4-color unit perfecting offset press and supervise the operational activities of a second press operator and related personnel, and may serve as a shift leader.

As a press operator incumbents serve as a crew leader in the operation of a large perfecting offset press; supervise and train assistants in the installation of plates and blankets on press cylinders, adjustment of suction grippers, guides, feed wheels, jogging devices and cams, press maintenance; and note and correct printing deficiencies.

Senior Press Operator (A)

Under general direction, incumbents make ready, operate and supervise an assistant on a large 2-color unit perfecting offset press. As a press operator incumbents serve as a crew leader in the operation of a large perfecting offset press; supervise and train assistants in the installation of plates and blankets on press cylinders, adjustment of suction grippers, guides, feed wheels, jogging devices, cams, and press maintenance; and note and correct printing deficiencies.

Press Operator

Under supervision incumbents make ready, operate and adjust one or more single color horizontal or vertical cylinder letter presses, platen presses, offset presses and related stamping and scoring equipment; clean press rollers; and oil and grease press. Incumbents may also be assigned as second operator in the operation of the 4-color offset printing press making operating judgments and decisions while performing skilled support functions, such as making fountain adjustments, loading press feeders, cleaning plates and removing printed material from delivery mechanism.

At this level, incumbents typically operating a one color press; start pressand run off proof-sheets; examine proof to determine proper make ready, such as variations in ink volume, registration and color tone; adjust presscontrols, inking fountains and dampening systems, and run proof; obtain preliminary approval of proof; start run, and pull sheets during run for consistent quality inspection; clean plate, blanket; keep time, production count and material use records. Incumbents assigned as second press operator on the 4-color press monitor, adjust the printing units on the 4-color units and assist the Senior Press Operator Bin the other areas of press operations.

Assistant Press Operator

Under close supervision, incumbents assist printing press operators in the operation of printing presses.

On a large multi-color press incumbents assist with 1) “makeready” which includes: fastening plates and blankets on press cylinders; adjusting feed and delivery mechanisms as directed by the press operator; and filling and adjusting water and ink fountain levels; and all other technical aspects of preparing the presses for operation; 2) materials handling which includes: inspecting and loading sheets of paper into press feeder, removing loaded skid of printed material from press delivery mecha~isms and replacing skid; 3) adjust air pressure gauges to insure maintenance of specified operationallevels; 4) alert press operator of malfunctions, 5) assist press operator to remove and replace worn rollers; and 6) assist in press maintenance.

As a floor assistant incumbents provide a wide range of support functions for press operators; assist press operators in the operation of various types and sizes of presses; load press feeders; clean plates; and may monitor a small press under close supervision. Inventory stock, prepare press-ready paper as specified and as scheduled for all presses, coordinate cutting of stock to job size and control holding area for finished press sheets.

Pressroom Helper

Under direct supervision, incumbents work as trainees in preparation for qualification as an Assistant Press Operator and perform routine duties in support of pressroom printing functions.

The primary duties of the Pressroom Helper are to work in a training capacity,learning material handling; which includes loading sheets of paper into the press feeder, and removing printed material from press delivery mechanism. Incumbents will also train in the storage, care, safety and distribution of bulk chemicals, paper stock and other press room supplies. Incumbents may 1) distribute and file artwork, film negatives, plates and other printingdepartment material and 2) perform other pressroom support duties as required.

Pressroom Helper is the entry level class in the series. This classification differs from the next higher classification of Assistant Press Operator in that the Assistant Press Operator is skilled at the 11makeready11 process which includes all technical aspects of preparing the presses for operation and which can account for as much time as the actual running of the presses.

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants for positions in the Pressroom Operator series are expected to possess the skills, knowledges, and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the positions.

Note: Specific qualification requirements are approved for positions by the Personnel Manager in accordance with the provisions of Staff Personnel Policies 210.8 and 210.9.