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Class Specifications – G.15
Laborer Supervisor – 8074
Lead Laborer – 8075
Laborer – 8076

April, 1973

Series Concept

Laborers perform a variety of unskilled manual tasks; and perform other related duties as required.

Incumbents typically work as a part of a regular crew or as assistants to skilled and semi-skilled tradesworkers; load and unload trucks and other vehicles; move furniture, equipment and supplies; tear down and remove various structures; dig and/or fill ditches, trenches and other excavations for pipelines, walks, roads and walls; clean outdoor areas; remove debris and refuse from worksites; assist skilled and semi-skilled tradesworkers by hauling, carrying, holding and lifting materials and equipment; may operate power tools such as air hammers and drills; clean and maintain tools and equipment; and may drive a truck or other vehicles in the performance of duties.

The Laborer series consists of three levels. Laborer is the operational level; Lead Laborer is the working supervisory level; and Laborer Supervisor is the full supervisory level.

Class Concepts

Laborer Supervisor

Under direction, incumbents supervise and coordinate the work of the Lead Laborers in charge of the Laborer crews.

Incumbents typically make hiring selections among job applicants; insure that new and existing staff receive proper training; make daily work schedules and assignments; review work performed at various stages and upon completion; evaluate the performance of subordinate employees; recommend or initiate personnel actions such as promotions, transfers, and disciplinary measures; and maintain various work records and prepare written and oral reports.

Lead Laborer

Under general supervision, incumbents serve as working supervisors of one or more Laborer crews.

Incumbents typically transmit and explain work orders to Laborers, help workers or supervisor solve work problems, see that assignments are completed satisfactorily, and perform the range of duties outlined in the Series concept. Additionally, incumbents have responsibilities for making or modifying daily work assignments of Laborers.


Under supervision, incumbents perform operational level Laborer duties as outlined in the Series concept.

Minimum Qualifications

Laborer Supervisor

Ability to reads write, and perform basic arithmetic calculations; two years of experience as a laborer, including one year in a supervisory capacity; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Lead Laborer

Ability to perform heavy manual tasks and follow oral and written instructions; one year of experience as a laborer; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


Ability to perform heavy manual tasks and follow oral and written instructions.