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Class Specifications – G.35
Senior Custodian – 5116
Custodian – 5117

May, 1973

Series Concept

Custodians perform cleaning, housekeeping and/or general maintenance duties in offices, classrooms, laboratories, auditoriums, gymnasiums, operating rooms, patient wards, private roams, restrooms, lounges, hallways and/or other designated public or private areas of a campus facility; and perform other related duties as required. A campus facility may include but is not limited to buildings under the jurisdiction of the Physical Plant, Residence Hall and Hospital Divisions. Custodians may work individually or as part of a team in cleaning and/or maintaining assigned work areas. Incumbents may experience varying degrees of contact with the public depending on the nature, location and assigned hours of work.

Incumbents typically sweep, mop, wax, dust, clean and/or polish floors, stairs, hallways, corridors, walls, moldings, outside steps, terraces, windowsills and other designated areas; dust, clean, wax and/or polish furniture, woodwork, light fixtures, venetian blinds, radiators, grills, ducts, blackboards, filing cabinets and other designated areas of equipment; mop, clean and/or disinfect restrooms, shower rooms and/or locker rooms with responsibility for replenishing supplies; wash doors, partition glass, mirrors, showcases, glass panels, inside windows, and outside windows at ground level; polish metal fixtures; empty and clean ashtrays, wastebaskets, and other receptacles; unstop minor drain stoppages; and vacuum rugs, draperies, upholstered furniture, mattresses, pillows and other designated materials.

Classes in the Custodian series are distinguished from classes in the Custodian and Assistant Custodian Supervisor series in that incumbents perform unskilled, semi-skilled and/or skilled tasks typically without any supervisory responsibilities.

The series consists of two levels. Custodian is the sub-operational entry level, and Senior Custodian is the operational level.

Class Concepts

Senior Custodian

Under supervision, incumbents perform semi-skilled and skilled cleaning, housekeeping and/or general maintenance duties for the majority of their time which require a greater degree of training, skill, independence of action, physical effort and/or experience than that typically found at the Custodian level.

Incumbents operate vacuum cleaners, buffers, wall washing machines, shampoo machines, wet/dry vacuums, waxers, floor scrubbing and/or polishing machines during stripping, waxing, buffing and/or other related cleaning operations; make reports on building and/or equipment needs; have security responsibility for one or more assigned areas; may assist in the setting up and dismantling of special equipment at functions; may load and/or unload large trash receptacles; may perform specialized cleaning in laboratories, surgical and/or operating areas, isolation and terminal areas as required; may act as work leaders for a small group of Custodians (usually less than 5); and may in addition perform the range of duties outlined in the Series Concept.


Under close supervision, incumbents typically perform unskilled and semi- skilled duties as outlined in the Series Concept. In addition incumbents may make beds, turn mattresses, and change linen as required; may collect, prepare and transport soiled linen for laundering; and may assist in the moving and arranging of desks, chairs, beds, benches, tables and other types of furniture as requested.

Minimum Qualifications

Senior Custodian

Ability to read, write, follow oral and written instructions and six months of experience in a custodial cleaning operation; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.


Ability to read, write, follow oral and written instructions.