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Class Specifications – G.15
Carpenter Supervisor – 8108
Assistant Supervisor-Carpenter – 8112
Lead Carpenter – 8109
Carpenter – 8110

September, 1986

Series Concept

Carpenters work from blueprints, drawings or oral instructions in constructing and repairing structural woodwork and equipment; build, repair and install counters, cabinets, benches, partitions, floors, doors, building framework and trim using carpenters’ hand and power tools; install ceiling and floor tiles; may build cabinets and other wooden equipment in a shop using woodworking machines such as a table saw, planer and jointer; and instruct or lead semi- skilled or unskilled assistants.

Class Concepts

Carpenter Supervisor

Under direction, incumbents supervise and coordinate the work of Assistant Supervisors, Lead Carpenters, and Carpenters. Incumbents typically make hiring selections among job applicants, insure that new and existing staff receive proper training; make daily work schedules and assignments; review work performed at various stages and upon completion; evaluate the performance of subordinate employees; recommend or initiate personnel actions such as promotions, transfers, and disciplinary measures; and maintain various work records including written and oral reports; prepare estimates of manhours, costs and materials required.

Assistant Supervisor – Carpenter

Under general supervision, incumbents serve as working supervisors for a specific work crew of carpenters and helpers within the shop (eg: construction crew) which may be carrying out work assignments at a number of jobs. The assigned responsibility for the supervision of different work crews within the shop may change frequently depending upon changing work priorities. Incumbents also assist the Supervisor in establishing daily job schedules; insure that decisions made regarding these priorities are carried out; assist the Supervisor in evaluating job performance and may recommend on disciplinary actions as necessary; may assist the Supervisor with job estimating. Incumbents act for the Supervisor in his absence.

Lead Carpenter

Under supervision, incumbents serve as work leaders for carpenters and helpers assigned to a specific job. Incumbents give instructions to carry out assigned tasks; may make minor changes in material needs or modifications to assigned work due to material delays or other problems; communicate work order revisions, material delays or other problems to Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor and await further instruction; maintain time and material records and perform the full range of job duties as outlined in the series concept.


Under supervision, incumbents perform the full range of duties as outlined in the series concept.

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants for positions in the Carpenter Series are expected to possess the skills, knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.