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Records Analyst 2 CX

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Records Analyst 2 CX

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Generic Scope

Professional who applies acquired job skills, policies, and procedures to complete substantive assignments / projects / tasks of moderate scope and complexity; exercises judgment within defined guidelines and practices to determine appropriate action.

Custom Scope

Uses knowledge of records management and University policies and internal procedures to take care of records management issues. Resolves a wide range of issues in consultation with supervisor, works on records management issues of moderate scope where analysis requires evaluation of identifiable factors. Exercises judgment within defined procedures and practices to determine appropriate action.

Key Resp 01

In accordance with established records management policy, supports the management of hard copy and electronic records within specific areas of authorized access.

Key Resp 02

Reviews, analyzes, classifies and indexes records, or consults others in these areas in accordance with established records management procedures.

Key Resp 03

Liaisons with departments / units to oversee the transfer of inactive records as appropriate.

Key Resp 04

Facilitates the transfer of records from central files to inactive storage as appropriate.

Key Resp 05

Identifies inactive records that are ready for disposition according to the records retention schedule and procedures, and approves disposition according to procedure (in consultation with manager).

Key Resp 06

Ensures proper records destruction processes are completed.

Key Resp 07

Keeps current with internal and external regulations concerning records management policies and procedures.

Key Resp 08

Assists managers and staff in the proper creation, maintenance and use, storage, location, retrieval and disposition of records.

Key Resp 09

Performs special projects, such as reviewing alternative storage, developing new or revised procedures, or conducting quality monitoring and running reports as needed.

Key Resp 10

Prohibits unauthorized access to records containing personal or confidential information.

Key Resp 11

Assists with recommending and implementing new and / or updated records management procedures.

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Key Resp 13


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Key Resp 15


Education 1

Associates degree in related field and / or equivalent experience.

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KSA 01

Knowledge of records management principles and practices.

KSA 02

Limited experience with automated storage and retrieval systems, and electronic records.

KSA 03

Demonstrated experience with Microsoft Office Suite and general office applications.

KSA 04

Demonstrated customer service skills.

KSA 05

Ability to handle challenging situations with tact and diplomacy.

KSA 06

Ability to work independently, handling multiple priorities and meeting established timeframes.

KSA 07

Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task with demanding timeframes.

KSA 08

Ability to use a high level of discretion and maintain all confidentiality.

KSA 09


KSA 10


KSA 11


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KSA 14


KSA 15



Office or campus settings and various external venues.

Career Path 1

Records Anl 3

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