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Elected Officer, Student Government

Class Specifications – F.20
Elected Officer, Student Government – 4331

June, 1988

Class Concept

Elected through popular vote of the associated student body, the incumbent serves in an official capacity representing the electorate. An Elected Officer, Student Government exercises independent judgement and initiative in addressing the responsibilities encompassed by his/her position.

Incumbents may be elected to represent his/her campus community through service in any number of capacities. Examples, although not limited to those listed below, are as follows:

  • The President serves as chief executive officer of the ASUC; repares, administers, and expends ASUC budget; represents ASUC with campus, University-wide, Regental, and other officials; and directs all ASUC business operations.
  • The Executive Vice President chairs ASUC Council and assumes duties of the President in his/her absence.
  • Lobby Director meets with legislators; formulates overall lobby strategy; generates research on issues pertinent to the student community; administers budget; leads/coordinates lobby staff travel and other related duties.

Minimum Qualifications

Incumbent must be a registered student and meet other eligibility criteria as specified by the Constitution of the Associated Students.