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Studio Projectionist

Class Specifications – D.15
Chief Studio Projectionist – 8066
Senior Studio Projectionist – 8067
Studio Projectionist – 8068
Assistant Studio Projectionist – 8069

Series Concept

Studio Projectionists operate and maintain motion picture projectors and accessory equipment in support of the film making curricula of an academic department. Equipment includes, but is not limited to, the following: 16mm, 35mm, 70mm, and Super 8 single and double systems projectors as well as video reproduction systems.

Specific duties include the inspection and preparation of prints prior to projection according to accepted standards; computing ratios as they relate to” projection aspect ratios, down angles; projection throws and lens sizes according to the specific film format to be projected including flammable nitrate film; running shows to completion; ensuring that safety rules and regulations are followed; repairing projection equipment and all related accessories including projectors, lamphouses, rectifiers, sound systems, rewinds, film inspection equipment, controls, magnetic film reproducers, turntable video and audio tape machines, monitorsr microphones, electronics testing equipment, intercoms, fire door and exhaust systems; perform routine preventative maintenance; recommend purchase of new equipment; utilize electronic testing equipment including voltmeter, oscilloscope, color temperature meter, screen brightness meter, spectrum analyzer, and frequency generator to measure and test operational performance of projection equipment and quality of screening. The series consists of four levels: The Chief Studio Projectionist is the supervisory position and has overall responsibility for the studio projection equipment and theater facilities. The Senior Projectionist is the advanced operational level. The studio Projectionist is the journey level at which most duties are performed. The Assistant Studio Projectionist is the trainee level.

Class Concepts

Chief Studio Projectionist

Under direction incumbents plan, organize and supervise the work of two or more Studio Projectionists in a major campus facility. Incumbents plan and schedule use of projection equipment and theater facilities in coordination with faculty and staff according to instructional needs and public performance programming. Incumbents oversee and ensure that projection booth-theater practices and procedures adhere to safety rules and regulations as established by the Fire Marshall; assess complex jobs to determine skills, equipment and facilities needed; estimate costs; approve expenditures and purchase requests. Incumbents may oversee the research, design, construction and installation of new equipment and participate in the development of equipment/facility utilization plans and the justifica~ion of new acquisitions. Incumbents perform journey level duties in the operation and maintenance of equipment/facility as required.

Senior Studio Projectionist

Under general supervision incumbents perform advanced operational duties such as participate in the research, design, construction, and installation of new equipment. The Senior Studio Projectionist assists the Chief Studio Projectionist in coordinating the scheduling and use of projection equipment and theater facilities. Incumbents perform journey level duties as described in the series concept and in addition may serve in a lead capacity over lower-level Studio Projectionist.

Studio Projectionist

Under supervision, incumbents perform journey level duties as described in the series concept by applying industry accepted practices, Studio Projectionist principles, and standard techniques.

Assistant Studio Projectionist

Under close supervision and in a training capacity, incumbents perform the more routine and semi-skilled duties of the journey level. Incumbents are expected to be reclassified to studio Projectionist after acquiring the skills necessary to perform all duties at the journey level.

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants and incumbents are expected to possess the skills, knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance of duties assigned to the positions.

Specific qualification requirements are defined for positions by the appropriate user departments.