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Cook-Housekeeper – (5538)

Class Specifications – C.15

March, 1973

Series Concept

Same as class concepts.

Class Concepts

Under supervision, incumbents perform food preparation, food serving,
housekeeping and sanitary maintenance duties in the house of the President
of the University or in the house of a campus Chancellor; and perform other
related duties as required.

Incumbents typically plan menus and do grocery shopping; prepare and serve
meals for the immediate family and/or guests; dust, vacuum, mop, sweep
and keep the home in order; perform washing, ironing, sewing and mending
duties for the family as required; maintain, clean, and store household
items such as silver, glassware, and china; may assist caterers in the pro-
vision of service for large functions; and may be responsible for the welfare
of the children during parental absences.


Ability to read, write, perform basic arithmetic calculations, follow oral
and written instructions, and two years of experience in general cooking
and housekeeping; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.