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Retirement Customer Svc Rep

Class Specifications – B.15
Ret Customer Svc Rep 2 – 4737
Ret Customer Svc Rep 1 – 4738

July 1, 2015

Series Concept

The Retirement Customer Service Representative supports members of the University as they transition into retirement and with life events beyond work (including University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) retirement income, UCRP disability income, survivor benefits and UC-sponsored health and welfare benefits for retirees). They provide technical and procedural information to UC employees, retirees, and their eligible family members with information they need to understand their retirement options to make informed decisions that allow them to manage their benefits.

Retirement Customer Service Representative 1

This is the entry level of the series at which new representatives are expected to be hired. Incumbents work under the general supervision of the unit supervisor. Incumbents learn about University personnel policy and benefits plans to be able to provide information primarily over the telephone, but also in written form. Upon successful completion of 12 months, the employee automatically moves to the Retirement Customer Service Rep 2 level.

Retirement Customer Service Representative 2

This is the fully operational level of this series. At this level the incumbents work under the general supervision of the unit supervisor and manager and are expected to possess the skills, knowledge and experience to perform all of the duties at the Retirement Customer Service Representative 1 level. Incumbents at this level are also expected to review and research issues, providing analysis and reporting and problem resolution in specific areas following established procedures, such as UCRS membership and benefits, layoff and retirement coordination, phased retirement coordination, data integrity, and financial transactions. Responsibilities in such areas often require research, analysis and work with appropriate units or offices to facilitate implementation of corrective action or ensure problem resolution. Incumbent provides information and counseling for incoming calls and web inquiries primarily on-demand and sometimes on a scheduled basis.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from high school or a General Education Diploma.