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Principal Typist Clerk

Class Specifications – B.15

October, 1975

Supplemental Guide for a Specific Level III Class

Principal Typist Clerk

The class of Principal Typist Clerk is used only when incumbents spend the majority of their time (an average of 20 or more hours per week) in one or more of the following:

  • Types technical manuscripts, proposals, reports and correspondence which are comprised of mathematical, engineering, or other nonstandard symbols of communication. A subject matter knowledge is required since incumbents are responsible for insuring consistency of symbols and/or technical terminology; making corrections, vhere necessary or consulting vith technical author when content knowledge of the formulae is required; and setting up typing format including charts and tables.
    Subject matter knowledge is knowledge of the discipline obtained through several years of experience in the specific field andJor formal education typically at the college level. The individual has the knowledge to recognize discrepancies. inconsistencies, special formats, symbols, and terms but does not necessaril.y.-:have content. knowledge.
    Content knowledge of a formula or nonstandard terminology requires an evaluation of a proceas of what is being said and how it will be understood by others in the field of discipline; e.g., in the caae of a mathematical formula only the technical author knows what he is trying to transmit and how it should be transmitted.
  • Types materials which require correct usage of two or : more languages in terms of fluent and idiomatic expression as well as sentence structure.
  • Types highly complicated statistical material requiring a subject matter knowledge and design and reduction of complicated charts, graphs and tables.
  • Edits manuscripts with responsibility structure, paragraphing, bibliographic and insures that manuscripts meet all of the publisher in terms of spacing for sentence references, requirementa and footnotes.
  • Supervises a small aroup of Level II technical typists.