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Resident Advisor-Language House Class

Resident Advisor-Language House Class (4131)

Class Specifications – A.20

November, 1979

Class Concepts

Series Concept

Same as class concepts.

Class Concepts

Under general supervision, Resident Advisors-Language House plan and direct
the activities of a residential unit that is designated as a “language house”
within a residence hall facility and perform other related duties as

Incumbents prepare instructional material and conduct foreign language
conversation sessions; organize and direct educational, social, and
recreational activities that assist students in acquiring fluency in foreign
languages and understanding of the cultures of the countries represented by
the languages; arrange cultural exchanges and excursions for language house
residents such as attendance at dramatic and musical events, visits to other
universities and colleges, and exchanges with cultural organizations; arrange
cultural programs by obtaining speakers, performers, and special guests who
will assist students in acquiring knowledge and understanding of the cultures
of designated countries; lead discussion groups in selected foreign
languages to increase the students’ linguistic fluency; select and obtain
training devices or materiel such as television, tape recorders, record
players, books, journals for use in a language house; write and transcribe to
tape or other automatic teaching devices, self-instructional material for use
in grammar exercises and drills, and to improve discrimination and correct
articulation of sounds; and coordinate programs with faculty members,
residence hall administrators and student government representatives.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from college, with a native knowledge of the required foreign
language, and two years of experience in residence hall supervision and/or
supervising social and recreational activities; or an equivalent combination
of education and experience; and skills, knowledge and abilities essential
to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.