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Camp Counselor

Class Specification – A.10
Camp Counselor – 9901

July 1, 1994

Series Concept

Incumbents organize, implement and conduct recreational programs, activities and services for a day or residential facility in a recreational establishment, organized camp, or non-profit educational conference center on a seasonal basis. Activities typically are offered for a set fee and provide a creative recreational and educational opportunity in group living or out-of-doors environments. The program may not operate for more than seven months in any calendar year, or if operating more than 7 months receive more than 2/3 of its total annual operating income within 6 months of the year. Incumbents provide instruction in contact sports, ball games, water sports, track and field activities, court games, seasonal sports, martial arts, arts and crafts, camping, hiking and related nature and cultural studies, and may also perform in dramatic or musical events. Incumbents perform general maintenance duties related to sanitation of camp grounds, cafeteria hygiene, cabin safety and of assigned equipment. Programs utilize qualified personnel and-the resources of natural surroundings to contribute to camp ; participants’s overall growth and development Incumbents may perform observation tasks to identify problem areas or to document specialized attention areas. Observations may be recorded in daily logs, weekly-summaries, or monthly and annual reports. Counseling is provided to the extent of achieving general conflict resolution or problem identification to make appropriate referrals.

Class Concept

Under general direction, Camp Counselors perform a variety of individual and group organizing activities typically of a recreational, service or social nature. Camp Counselors are assigned camp maintenance duties such as food service detail, housekeeping tasks, grounds keeping tasks and security duties. Incumbents may make suggestions regarding program structure, budget and procedures modifications. Incumbents are responsible for the maintenance and accountability of equipment and supplies assigned to their specific activity area. Incumbents may supervise other camp counselors, camp aids and trainees. This class is considered the operational level.

Minimum Qualifications

Incumbents are expecfecf to possess the skills, knowledge, and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the positions.