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Child Life Specialist

Classification Specifications – H.65
Child Life Manager – 9354
Child Life Specialist II – 9352
Child Life Specialist I – 9353


The Child Life Specialists provide Child Life services for patients and their families. They provide developmental preparation for children and adolescents prior to health care procedures with materials and language that are age appropriate. Child Life Specialists create a therapeutic environment that minimizes psychological trauma and promotes mastery of health care experiences. They also plan interventions in conjunction with the interdisciplinary team. The Child Life Specialist differs from the Child Development Associate in that the main focus is on the effects of illness and hospitalization on growth and development.


  1. Interview and assess patients and families.
  2. Provide therapeutic intervention prior to health care procedures
    • Incorporates family and cultural background into therapeutic intervention
    • Facilitates child’s understanding of their diagnosis, hospital course and prognosis
  3. Work in conjunction with interdisciplinary team
    • Communicates child development issues to team
  4. Analysis and research
    • Needs analysis
      • Identifies concerns/factors, patterns, tendencies and relationships
    • Determine sources for data collection
      • University, medical study sources
    • Analysis of data
      • Formulates logical and objective conclusions/recommendations


  1. Psychologically prepares patients/families for health care procedures to facilitate increased coping and understanding.
  2. Utilizes age appropriate information and materials.
  3. Responsible for analysis of various types of family systems and cultural backgrounds

Benchmark Level: 9352 -Child Life Specialist II

FLSA Status of Benchmark: Non-Exempt

Matrix: Child Life Specialist