The value of your UC employment goes beyond your salary. As a UC employee, you enjoy a full range of benefits, services and programs. To estimate the approximate value of your total UC compensation, answer the questions below and select "Estimate."

Benefits programs for Postdoctoral scholars; medical/health care residents, interns and fellows; and graduate students are not included in the calculator below. Please contact your department, training program, or graduate division office for more information about benefits.

If you are a represented employee, check your collective bargaining agreement for details about your benefits.

The estimate above applies to employees who are eligible for full UC benefits (appointed at 50% or more for a year or longer or 1,000 hours in a 12-month period.) The approximate value of your total compensation is calculated based on the benefit contributions for the current calendar year, and assumes that you are covered by Social Security. The value of UC's generous sick leave and vacation time is not included in this calculation. All benefits are subject to collective bargaining. What is written here does not constitute a guarantee of plan coverage or benefits—particular rules and eligibility requirements must be met before benefits can be received. For more information, please see UCnet’s terms of use. The University of California intends to continue the benefits described here indefinitely; however, the benefits of all employees, retirees, and plan beneficiaries are subject to change or termination at the time of contract renewal or at any other time by the University or other governing authorities.