If you enroll in the UC Health Savings Plan with an effective date of February 1 through December 1, the Health Savings Account (HSA) funds are prorated based on the month your enrollment begins, in accordance with the IRS last-month rule. IRS rules also dictate that, if you enroll in the UC Health Savings Plan with an effective date from Dec. 2-31, you will not receive a UC contribution for that time period.

UC’s contribution is determined on the first month your HSP coverage is effective and will not change during the year. Coverage level as of January 1 determines UC’s contribution for the year.

HSP Coverage
Effective Date
HSA Contribution
Self Coverage
HSA Contribution
Family Coverage
January $500 $1,000
February $458 $917
March $417 $833
April $375 $750
May $333 $667
June $292 $583
July $250 $500
August $208 $417
September $167 $333
October $125* $250*
November $83* $167*
December 1 $42* $83*

* UC and employee HSA contributions made through the UC payroll system are attributed to the year in which they are actually made and are subject to the current year's payroll deadlines. Therefore, a new UC Health Savings Plan member whose coverage is effective in October, November or December may or may not receive the UC contribution for the current year, depending on when the enrollment is completed and processed. To receive the UC contribution or make contributions via payroll deductions during the last quarter of the calendar year, your UC Health Savings Plan enrollment generally should be processed by the earlier of:

  • The end of your Period of Initial Eligibility or
  • The payroll deadline for your last paycheck of the current year  

UCPath Locations

Contact the UCPath Center about your payroll deadline by Submitting An Inquiry:

  • Log in to UCPath online.
  • From the home page, select Ask UCPath Center.
  • On the menu bar, select My Inquiries or Submit an Inquiry.

Non-UCPath locations

Contact your local payroll office for more information about your payroll deadline.

You may also make contributions to your HSA by working directly with HealthEquity. Contributions for the current plan year may be made until your tax-filing deadline, usually April 15 of the following year.

Remember: It is your sole responsibility to ensure your HSA complies with the IRS regulations.