Total compensation

The quality of faculty, staff and administrators is the cornerstone of UC's success, and UC is committed to offering all employees a comprehensive compensation package, including competitive salaries and a full range of benefits, services and programs. Employees can use the Total Compensation Estimator to estimate the approximate value of their total UC compensation.

Compensation policies

Public disclosure of employee compensation

As a public institution, UC is committed to being transparent and publicly accountable about its practices, including the way it compensates its faculty and staff. UC conducts an annual disclosure of systemwide employee compensation (employee compensation is considered a public record under the California Public Records Act). Additionally, compensation for Senior Management Group employees, including chancellors, executives and sports coaches, are approved by the Board of Regents.

Fair Wage/Fair Work

UC is the first public university in the United States to voluntarily establish a $15/hour minimum wage. Learn more about the Fair Wage/Fair Work plan.

Meeting the competitive challenge: How UC compensation compares

One of UC’s most critical challenges is preserving the quality and competitiveness of the institution in the face of constrained state support, growing state needs, and ever-increasing competition for talent. UC’s ability to remain competitive in regional and national marketplaces is essential to UC fulfilling its mission. These reports describe some of the context and UC’s challenges of recruiting and retaining the best personnel over the long term.