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Proposals to cut vital federal research funding will hurt U.S.’s competitiveness
President Napolitano calls upon those who value science and treasure its benefits to make their voices heard.

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  • UC Merced appoints Chou Her as new chief of police
  • UC Irvine aims to become first university to launch rocket into space

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Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve A preserve in the middle of a city

“You don’t have to be here too long — maybe 15 or 20 minutes — before you completely forget everything else exists,” says Andrew Brooks. Let Brooks take you into this unassuming UC Santa Barbara reserve, just off the freeway, that's home to a rare, pristine coastal ecosystem.


2017 medical benefits

If you're a member of a UC PPO plan, you may notice a few changes in 2017. Check out the transition checklist for more information.

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Father and son
Family Care Resources

Need help finding care for loved ones? UC provides access to Bright Horizons Care Advantage, a web-based resource for finding family care providers.

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California Digital Library
In partnership with the UC libraries, the CDL connects you to the vast print and online collections within UC and beyond.