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What to do if you're

Establishing a domestic partnership

Congratulations on your partnership! The University of California has been a leader in offering benefits to domestic partners. As you settle into your life together, you may want to enroll your partner in your benefits or update your personal information. Here are a few things to consider.

Enroll your partner in benefits.

You have 31 days from the date your partner meets the eligibility requirements to make certain benefits changes — add your partner to your health coverage or enroll your partner in life insurance.

Remember, if your partner also works at UC, you can be covered under your UC benefits or your partner’s, but not both. If you decide to cover both of you under your benefits, be sure your partner de-enrolls from his/her benefits.

If you drop your UC medical coverage to go on your partner's plan and your partner loses his or her job, you can re-enroll in UC coverage within 31 days of losing your partner’s coverage.

Employees use the UPAY850 form and retirees use the UBEN100 form to enroll.


Understand the tax implications of enrolling your partner in your benefits.

The value of UC's portion of your medical, dental and vision coverage for anyone who is not your tax dependent is considered imputed income and may be subject to FICA (Social Security and Medicare) taxes, federal income tax and any other required payroll tax. Read more about imputed income here.

If you decide to change your tax withholding, you can do so online.


Update your beneficiaries.

You can change your beneficiaries online. Change your UC Retirement Plan and insurance plan beneficiaries on AYS Online. Change your Retirement Savings Program beneficiaries on the myUCretirement website.