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What to do if you're

Adding a family member to your insurance

When you marry, establish a domestic partnership or add a child to your family, you may add them to your benefits plans — usually within 31 days of the date they become a member of your family. There's a few other items to consider as well. So here's a list of things you need to know and do.

Enroll your new family member in your benefits.

For most benefits, you must enroll your new family member within 31 days of the date they join your family or meet all the eligibility requirements. If you don't enroll your family member during the PIE, you can enroll him or her during Open Enrollment. You may also enroll your family member in your medical plan only at any time with a 90-day waiting period.

Employees have the following options, depending on their benefits package. Submit the UPAY850 enrollment form to your benefits office.

Benefits Benefits Package What you can do
Medical Full, Mid-level,Core Enroll your family member in your plan or change plans. If you are not enrolled, you can enroll yourself and your family members in a medical plan.
Dental, Vision Full Enroll your family member in your plans.
Dependent LIfe Full, Mid-level Enroll your family member in Dependent Life; if you are enrolled in SupplementaL Life, you may enroll your family member in Expanded Dependent Life.
AD&D Full, Mid-level, Core You may enroll your family member at any time.
ARAG Legal Full, Mid-level If you are enrolled, you may add your family member to your coverage.
Health, DepCare FSA Full, Mid-level, Core You may enroll or increase your contributions. If you are eligible under a new spouse's plan, you may de-enroll or decrease your contribution.

Retirees eligible for benefits have these options.

Benefits What you can do
Medical, Dental, Legal Enroll your family member in your plan by submitting the UBEN 100 enrollment form to the Retirement Administration Service Center.
Vision Enroll your family member in your plan by contacting VSP at 866-240-8344.
AD&D Enroll your family member at any time by submitting the Retiree Enrollment form directly to AIG Benefits Solutions.

Verify your family member's eligibility for benefits.

UC requires all faculty, staff and retirees who enroll family members in their medical, dental and/or vision insurance plans to provide documents to verify their family members' eligibility for coverage.

You will receive a packet of materials from SECOVA to help you complete the verification process. Be sure to respond by the deadline shown on the letter or you risk de-enrollment of your family members from UC benefits.

You can read more about family member eligibility verification here.


Consider changing your tax withholdings.

When you add a family member to your benefits, you also may want to change your tax withholdings. You can do so online.

If you are adding your domestic partner or your partner's children, the value of UC's portion of your medical, dental and vision coverage for anyone who is not your tax dependent is considered imputed income and may be subject to FICA (Social Security and Medicare) taxes, federal income tax and any other required payroll tax. Read more about imputed income.


Update your beneficiaries.

You can change your beneficiaries online. Change your UC Retirement Plan and insurance plan beneficiaries on AYS Online. Change your Retirement Savings Program beneficiaries on the UC Focus on Your Future website.