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Statistician, Assistant Supv

Class Specifications – F.10
Statistician, Assistant Supv – 7215

March, 1973

Class Concept

Under general direction as to goals and priorities, Computer Systems Designers are responsible for recognizing the need for, specifying, designing and implementing complex and innovative systems. Incumbents also conduct in-depth studies in the programming field and perform other related duties as required.

Incumbents specify general design concepts for “first time” programming systems such as new modes of interaction between machine and user and new approaches to problem solution. Incumbents may also consult with computer design engineers on the development of original hardware systems.

Essential requirements for allocation of a position to this level are demonstrated creativity and the ability to make significant and original contributions to the field of programming. In view of the technical nature of the work, it is advisable to consult with persons knowledgeable in the computer field when considering positions for allocation to the class of Computer Systems Designer.

The following examples are intended to indicate the type of tasks performed and the level of original contributions made by a Computer Systems Designer:

  • Develops new programming languages.
  • Designs time-sharing and terminal support systems.
  • Designs systems for three-dimensional (and greater) representation of data for graphical devices.
  • Conducts studies in advanced automation techniques.

Minimum Qualification

A Master’s degree in computer sciences, mathematics, physical sciences, or other appropriate field and six years of programming experience, including at least two years of advanced design or applied research in programming; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.