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Garage Manager

Class Specifications – F.30
Garage Manager – (8502)

February, 1977

Series Concept

Same as class concepts.

Class Concepts

Under general direction, Garage Managers plan, organize and direct the operations of a large and complex University garage, typically having a shop and clerical staff of about 8 full-time-equivalent employees and provide complete maintenance and repair service for 100 or more automobiles, trucks, buses and other types of automotive equipment; and perform other related duties as required.

Incumbents analyze annual income and expenditure data and prepare budget projections; develop detailed cost information and provide special cost analysis as required; determine and plan staffing, space, and equipment requirements; approve expenditures of funds; recommend vehicles for sale and replacement and the number and type of vehicles needed for fleet operations; arrange the sale and purchase of vehicles; determine appropriateness of vehicle request; coordinate vehicle accident reports; select and train garage staff; schedule work and establish priorities; supervise the assignment of cars to departments and individuals; supervise a shop staff that may include several Automotive Mechanics, Assistant Automotive Mechanics, Automotive Attendants and Automotive Equipment Operators in the repair, maintenance, service and storage of automotive equipment; establish shop safety procedures; and supervise clerical/administrative personnel in such duties as maintenance of administrative records and in the preparation of various reports.

Minimum Qualifications

Garage Manager

Graduation from high school or a General Education Diploma and five years of experience in the operation of a garage where all types of automotive equipment have been maintained and repaired; or an equivalent combination of education and experience; and knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.