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Customer Service Representative

Class Specifications – F.20
Customer Service Representative III – 6907
Customer Service Representative II – 6908
Customer Service Representative I – 6909

March, 1992

Series Concept

The university Benefit Programs Customer Service Unit is responsible for providinq counseling, financial education service, and prblem resolution to the 150,000 active and retired University employees nationwide. Customer Service Representatives (CSR) provide information on the opportunities available through participation in the various UC benefit plans and explain how these may be integrated with an individual’s total financial and retirement program. They respond to questions, complaints, and requests for information by employees from all UC campuses, the Laboratories, and tne Office of the President, including the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR), Benefits Representatives, retirees, and survivors by providing up-to-date, pertinent benefit information, and by addressing tax and financial issues. The Unit coordinates the annual Open Enrollment function on a system-wide basis.

Customer Service Representative I

This is the operational level ot the series at which new representatives are expected to be hired. Incumbents work under the general supervision of higher level CSRs and are expected to have knowledge of all of the University’s retirement, investment and benefit programs, as well as to understand the administrative policies and procedures of the unit and the departant. The incumbents will provide staff research, analysis, problem solving, written communications, and report preparation in response to customer benefit program inquiries; however, the majority of contact will be limited to the telephone and writtan correspondence. Occasional in-person counseling may occur.

Incumbents will also provide technical guidance to employees regarding investment strategies for pre-retirenent planning and tax sheltering or minimizing, and participate in the development and review of services and products related to advanced customer service, such as financial and benefits transaction services.

Customer Service Representative II

This is the advanced operational level of the series. At this level, incumbents work under the general supervision of the CSR IV (Assistant Manager) and are expected to possess the skills, knowledge and experience to perform all of the duties outlined at the CSR I level in addition to assuming CSR II level responsibilities at least 40% of the time. These responsibilities involve review of issues and problem resolution in specific areas such as, but not limited to, UCRS membership and benefits, layoff and retirement coordination, phased retirement coordination, database management and data integrity, and financial transactions.

Responsibilities in such areas often require research, analysis and work with appropriate units or offices to facilitate implementation of corrective action or ensure problem resolution. At this level, incumbents conduct benefits presentations, both at the Office of the President and at the campus and Laboratory locations, and often provide counseling on a scheduled and walk-in appointment basis.

Customer Service Representative III

This is the specialist level of the series, in which incumbents work under the direction of the Manager, Customer Service. Incumbents spend approximately 40% of their time performing the variety of customer service duties outlined at the CSR I and CSR II levels in the series concept. They conduct benefits presentations both at the Office of the President and at campus and Laboratory locations, and provide counseling on a scheduled and walk-in appointment basis. In addition, incumbents are expected to spend at least 50% of their time serving as a technical expert in one or more specialized benefits areas, and handling one or more functions which are delegated directly from the Manager, Customer Service and are vital to the operation and administration of the unit. Specialized benefits areas include health and welfare benefits; financial and refund issues, including IRC Section 415 analysis; annuitant and survivor issues; and financial education. Specific administrative operations functions include:

  • Implementing end overseeing the weekly telephone schedule, ensuring adequate coverage;
  • Overseeing the Office of the President’s Benefits Office (except for DANR), preparing and presenting financial and benefits seminars, serving as liaison to Departmental Personnel Assistants and County Benefits Coordinators, and planning and overseeing the annual OP Benefits Fair;
  • Serving as liaison with the Benefits Communications & Training Unit, reviewing all benefits mailings and forums and providing feedback for the unit;
  • Drafting and editing the periodic Advisory Newsletter, informing OP and DANR employees of current benefit issues and changes to benefit plans;
  • Overseeing correspondence review, involving a review of all written responses for technical and grammatical accuracy, and development of model communications for use by other analysts;
  • Establishing and maintaining daily procedures to enhance service and improve daily operations; and
  • Supervise a lower level CSR, including training, initial supervision and review of work, and conducting the annual performance evaluation.

Customer Service Representative IV

Under the direction of the Manager, Customer Service, this level serves as the Assistant Manager of the Unit, coordinating and directing workflow and assigning projects. The incumbent also functions as the “higher authority,” to whom the CSRs refer irate callers and appointments who demand such. The incumbent has direct and indirect supervisory responsibility for lower level CSRs, the mail services unit staff, and the Benefit Programs Department reception personnel. This includes hiring, training, providing technical guidance, reviewinq work determining disciplinary actions, and conducting performance evaluations. The incumbent also bas responsibility for the customer service telecommunication systems and record keeping and counseling system. This involves reviewing unit needs, planning an integrated automation system, participating on inter-departmental committees to coordinate system development, evaluating technological developments, and analyzing telecommunication systems utilization by the Benefit Programs office. The incumbent also serves as the Benefits Representative for DANR, meetinq witn Regional and County Directors to keep them abreast of benefit issues, providing counseling and communications of policy and benefit changes and issues, and preparing and presenting workshops and seminars for DANR employees, and serves as counselor for UC Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) and Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) plan members. A small portion of time is spent performing the variety of customer service duties outlined at the CSR I and CSR II levels in the series concept.