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Publications Coordinator

Class Specifications – D.10
Principal Publications Coordinator – 7693
Senior Publications Coordinator – 7694
Publications Coordinator – 7695

June, 1977

Series Concept

Publications Coordinators plan, schedule and coordinate the production of books, publications, and other printed material; confer with editors, designers, project directors and related personnel in the preparation of proposed publications; verify that format of copy conforms to printing specifications; and perform other related duties as required.

Class Concepts

Principal Publications Coordinator

Under direction, incumbents supervise and coordinate the production of publications; evaluate and monitor University or vendor services used in the production of publications; assign tasks to Publications Coordinators and related personnel; and may estimate costs for services.

Typically at this level incumbents assign and review work load distribution; arrange contracts with manufacturers and suppliers; review work orders for due dates and set priority schedules; control workflow; and coordinate and direct the monitoring of all orders beginning with creative production, through contracts with vendors and final printing production.

Senior Publications Coordinator

Under general supervision, incumbents establish and maintain schedules for the production of publications; route jobs through scheduling, editing, writing, design and distribution, obtain approvals for type selections; and may supervise Publications Coordinators.

Typically at this level incumbents schedule and maintain flow of jobs; assist in the selection of printers and binders; contact customers for approval of changes in format, including brownline approval before printing; coordinate changes between customers and creative services to effectively relate the purpose of the publication; and may assist in the reorganization of reports and illustrations.

Publications Coordinator

Under supervision, incumbents assist in the performance of the duties as outlined in the series concept.

Typically at this level incumbents help plan and expedite production schedules; review publication needs and report daily status of work progress or delays; and may prepare specifications for new publications and advise in print production specifications.

Minimum Qualifications

Principal Publications Coordinator

Two years of college and five years of experience in the coordination and production of publications; or an equivalent combination of education and experience; and knowledges and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.