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Communications Officer

Class Specification – D.10
Communications Officer – 8330

May, 1973

Class Concept

Under direction, the Communications Officer is responsible for the administration and supervision of all communications and electronics activities and facilities of the Marine Facilities Division of Scripps Institution of Oceanography; and performs other related duties as required.

Incumbents administer the operation and maintenance of Radio Station WWDin accordance with Federal, Navy, and University rules and regulations; represent the University in negotiations and transactions with governmental agencies; and direct all communications and electronics activities ashore and aboard research vessels, including operation, maintenance, repair, and installation of communications and navigational electronic equipment.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from high school and ten years of experience in radio COlIDilunications operation and electronics maintenance and repair work, including four years aboard a sea-going vessel in a supervisory capacity; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

License Requirement: Incumbents in the above class shall have in their possession such valid FCC ~icenses and/or certificates as are required.