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Word Processing

Class Specification – B.15
Word Processing Supervisor – 4950
Principal Word Processing Specialist – 4951
Senior Word Processing Specialist – 4952
Word Processing Specialist – 4953

October, 1980

Series Concept

Word Processing Specialists perform a variety of tasks involving the operation of word processing and related electronic text editing equipment in the production of documents recorded on magnetic media for variable output; and perform other ralated duties as required.

Incumbents enter information through a keyboard into electronic text editing equipment from mechanical dictation, written, or typed copy; identify, process, store, and retrieve information on magnetic discs, tapes or cards; proofread both submitted raw data and information already keyed into the processor and make required corrections in spelling, grarrrrnar, and punctuation; format submitted material; and operate the equipment to prepare documents such as letters, reports, proposals, manuscripts and statistical tables. Incumbents select and may consult with clients regarding type style and format of presentation; and may corrrnunicate with clients to resolve problems, receive additional instructions and/or report on the status of jobs.

Word Processing Specialists are expected to have knowledge of the operation of stand alone or computer -based word processing equipment and peripherals in order to access stored data, perform text editing and record processing functions.

The series consists of four levels. WordProcesiing Specialist is the operational level; Senior Word Processing Technician is the ad~anced operational level; Principal Word Processing Specialist is the lead/superoperational level; and Word Processing Supervisor is the full supervisory level of the series.

Class Concepts

Word Processing Supervisor

Under direction incumbents plan, coordinate, and direct a word processing operation including supervision of five or more full-time-equivalent Word Processing Specialist and other related staff. Incumbents assign and monitor production of all work orders; control quality standards, establish work procedures and insure turn-around time; maintain production records; set up libraries of stored information as appropriate; develop and implement new methods and applications for users; set recharge rates; oversee service and maintenance of equipment; conduct cost-benefit analyses; evaluate and recommend purchase of new equipment and develop training programs arid procedure manuals for systems and equipment utilization. Incumbents may in addition operate word processing equipment.

Prinicpal Word Processing Specialist

Under general supervision incumbents operate word processing equipment in the preparation of the most complex documents which require speed and accuracy in production and which utilize advanced knowledge of equipment application and format design. Incumbents at this level utilize a variety of word processing equipment in the input, retrieval and display of data; independently perfonn the most complex word processing activities typically involving text editing, repaginating, merging and producing of infonnation which require. substantive knowledge of a specialized technical or scientific field; utilize specialized modes of operation in effecting innovative use of word processing equipment; consult with and advise users on appropriate layout and format of final product; assist in equipment demonstration and user training; and act as liaison with user departments in the evaluation of services rendered. Incumbents may in addition assign and review the work of lower level Word Processing Specialists.

Senior Word Processing Specialist

Under genral supervision incumbents produce documents which are typically more com~ plex than those prepared at the Word Processing Specialist level. Incumbents use advanced knowledge of equipment applications and document format design which require ability to visually conceptualize the input of textual phrases. onto magnetic media. Incumbents at this level are expected to possess sufficient knowledge of word processing machine capabilities to effectively utilize the equipment in the retrievar of selected variables to compile reports from stored data with the re sponsibility for correct usage of technical, professional and/or scientific terms and symbols. Incumbents may instruct lower level specialists in the use of word processing equipment, and may in addition perfonn the range of duties outlined in the Series Concept.

Word Processing Specialist

Under supervision and in accordance with approved procedures incumbents perform the range of duties outlined in the Series Concept. Work at this level involves basic input, routine output and limited text editing, as for example, the re trieval of stored documents and standard paragraphs and the updating and production of reports, manuscripts, form letters, graphs, charts and tables which require re visions to stored material.

Minimum Qualifications

Incumbents for positions included in the Word Processing Specialist Series are expectec to meet the requirements for sucessfull operation of word processing equipment and to possess the skills, knowledges, and abilities essential to the successful performance of the d~ties assigned to the position.

Note: Specific qualification requirements are defined for positions by the appro priate user departments.