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Cashier’s Office Manager

Cashier’s Office Manager (4610)

Class Specification – B.15

August, 1983

Series Concept

Same as class concepts.

Class Concepts

Cashier’s Office Managers direct the activities of a campus cashier’s office
that is autonomous for operational purposes and perform other related duties
as required.

Incumbents manage a cashier’s office with responsibility for personnel,
budget, and operations; plan procedures for the collection and deposit of
monies received by other campus units and provide technical coordination to
other cashiering offices on a campus; audit daily records of receipts,
payments and deposits; coordinate activities of the cashier’s office with
various other campus activities, including the Accounting Office, and
represent the cashier’s office in contacts with campus and System wide offices
and outside agencies and institutions; select, train, and supervise subordinate
personnel; develop and maintain adequate cash security measures in accordance
with University internal control standards; conduct special studies and make
reports on the operation of the cashier’s office, including statistical
information concerning receipts, disbursements, deposits, and loans;
develop application of computer procedures for cashiering; and make financial
arrangements for various committees presenting events on the campus by
supervising ticket sales and making final settlements of accounts as requested.

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants for positions in the Cashier’s Office Manager class are expected
To possess the skills, knowledge, and abilities essential to the successful
performance of the duties assigned to the positions.