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Student Affairs Officer

Class Specifications – A.30

Student Affairs Officer IV – Supervisor (4357)
Student Affairs Officer IV (4352)
Student Affairs Officer III – Supervisor (4356)
Student Affairs Officer III (4355)
Student Affairs Officer II – Supervising (4358)
Student Affairs Officer II (4353)
Student Affairs Officer I (4354)

May, 2002

Class Concepts

Student Affairs Officers plan, direct and/or implement campus student affairs programs and perform related duties as required. Incumbents typically have programmatic responsibility in one or more functional areas such as outreach recruitment and retention; school relations; financial aid; housing; placement; learning skills counseling; admissions; low income and/or disabled student needs and centralized aspects of student advising.

This series is distinguished from other professional series (e.g., Administrative Analyst, Management Services Officer) by the work requiring judgment based on professional and/or academic expertise, beyond the implementation of administratively prescribed rules, policies or guidelines.


  1. Admissions counseling;
  2. Academic counseling;
  3. Financial aid counseling;
  4. Housing information advice;
  5. Student Life counseling;
  6. Campus outreach.

Class Concepts


The following standards will be applied on a consistent basis to all clients:

  1. Interprets and implements SAO policies and regulations in functional area, such as housing, government, financial aid, recreational and cultural activities, international education activities, special student group activities, academic advising programs and student counseling.
  2. Researches and performs student counseling regarding the University’s admission requirements, available curricular and academic programs, housing, scholarships and financial aid.
  3. Works with deans, provosts, and department chairpersons in ascertaining and communicating the use of transferred units in meeting college and major requirements; administers changes in curriculum and may proctor exams.
  4. Demonstrates working knowledge of policies and procedures applicable to SAO functional area.
  5. Exercises professional judgment in interpretation and implementation of University policies and procedures.
  6. Maintains broad working relationship with students, staff personnel, academic personnel, officials of external agencies and general public.

Benchmark Level

4353 – Student Affairs Officer II

FLSA Status of Benchmark


Matrix SAO